The smallest inhabited island in the world (Just Room Enough Island)

Imagine living on a small island that has only one house and nothing else. How would you feel? Would you enjoy the quiet and privacy, or would you feel lonely and bored? This is the reality for the owners of Just Room Enough Island, the world’s smallest inhabited island. It is located in the Thousand Islands region, in New York, USA. The island is so small that it barely fits its house.

What is Just Room Enough Island

Just Room Enough Island, also known as Hub Island, is a very small piece of land that measures about 3,300 square feet, or about one-thirteenth of an acre. It has a house, a tree, some bushes, and a little beach. The island is situated on the Saint Lawrence River between Heart Island and Imperial Isle, near the US border with Canada. The island is part of Alexandria Bay, a village in the town of Alexandria, Jefferson County, New York.

The interactive map shows the smallest inhabited island in the world.

How did Just Room Enough Island come to be

The island was bought in the 1950s by the Sizeland family, who wanted a vacation home and built a house there. The Washington Post said in 2010 that the island was so small that “One wrong step and you’re in the water”.

The Sizelands thought that their unusual little getaway would be a nice place to relax and escape from the city life, but it soon attracted many visitors and tourists who ruined their quietness.

The smallest inhabited island in the world

What makes Just Room Enough Island special

Just Room Enough Island is special because it counts as an island in the area. The land must be larger than one square foot, it must stay above the water level all year round, and it must have at least one tree. Just Room Enough Island meets these criteria, but really it’s more house than island.

Just Room Enough Island is also special because it shows how people can use small space and resources to make their own unique living space. The island is an example of human creativity and cleverness.

The smallest inhabited island in the world

How can you visit Just Room Enough Island

If you want to see Just Room Enough Island for yourself, you can take a boat tour that goes by the island. You can also see it from nearby Heart Island or Imperial Isle. However, you cannot go on the island or enter the house without permission from the owners. The island is private property and trespassing is not allowed.

Just Room Enough Island is one of the many attractions that make the Thousand Islands region a popular place for tourists and nature lovers. The region has almost 2,000 islands of different sizes and shapes, each with its own story and beauty. You can explore them by boat, kayak, bike, or foot. You can also visit other places such as Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, Antique Boat Museum, and Thousand Islands National Park.

If you are looking for a different and unforgettable experience, you should definitely check out the world’s smallest inhabited island – Just Room Enough Island.


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